Pakistani Weddings

Today I’m going to tell you about Pakistani Weddings. They are attractive and traditional also. You will find fun, culture, tradition and lots of many other things at a Pakistani wedding

First we start at the Hina Function; it’s a really very interesting and enjoyable function indeed. The bride will wear a yellow traditional dress which is given by the Groom’s family but sometimes bride wears a yellow dress of her own, embroidered with Stars and beets. If you look at Pakistani Weddings dresses, you will see a lot of variety here and find culture too. Lots of people will come to the wedding and they all take part in singing wedding songs  like mehndi Rachy gi….Lahore Wedding Encounter
,shadi mubarak.

The next morning the bride will ready for the wedding. She will wear a nice & expensive dress chosen by the groom’s family. The colour will be Red but often it is often a bride’s choice. On the day the main big function will take place at home, with  all relatives and friends invited including a big dinner party  thrown by the bride’s family. There is also some rasum like Girls take the seat of Grooms and on back groom gives money to the bride’s friends who gives him seat for sitting with the bride. She will also give some milk to him. He gives about 5.000 Rs. Some rich grooms gives 10.000 Rs. The groom comes with Band Baja to take his bride with him. The scene is really lovely and every bride wishes for it.

On the third morning the groom gives a grand dinner party to the brides relatives and  all his friends. On that day the bride also wears another expensive embroidered dress with matching shoes and purse. In these functions people of Pakistan always wear traditional dress like shalwar, qamiz, dupatta. Some may wear sharara,gharara,small shirts, sari and umbrella frocks with lose trouser or tied trousers. The groom also wears a simple but nice dress of shalwar qamiz on the Hina function. On the wedding day, he will wear a very good dress like shirwani, and Kula on head, some like to wear Pant Corte three piece.

So these are the functions of Pakistani weddings. If we look at Lahore we’ll find a huge number of traditional weddings. Lahori people care a lot about culture and traditions. They also follow fashion too but mostly they love to remain in pakistan’s culture.

Take a look at this clip of a Pakistani wedding


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